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Claudine Burgess

Claudine Burgess brings international experience and cosmopolitan knowledge when she explores your business venture with you. With a dedication to producing first class photography, Claudine can uncover the unique story of your business and help it shine.

Claudine Burgess was born in Belgium and is a mum, business professional, coach, speaker, communicator, connector, marketer and strategist. She speaks 6 languages – English, Flemish, Dutch, German, French, and Photography!

“I have always loved photography. It is a passion.”

Claudine Burgess has worked across a number of industries. In particular she has developed strong connections and relationships through her work in the motorsports industry. She was a Public Relations Executive with Honda Rothmans International from 1988 – 1993:

“I worked with eight world champions, including Wayne Gardner and Michael Doohan. I worked and travelled extensively around the major international motorsport events. The friendships I made have endured to this day.”

Claudine met her husband in the motorsports scene, and after moving to Australia combined her passion for photography with her business sense.

Claudine Burgess works as a Photographer and Marketing Consultant with individuals, entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries, locally and internationally. Through her vast industry experience, business insights and photography she can help create your unique marketing image.

With a single of goal of expanding your business to new horizons, Claudine can help you recognise exciting new opportunities.

With professionalism, Claudine’s focus is to understand and define your business, to enhance its image, to build consumer trust, and have it stand out from the crowd.

Claudine, is a dynamic and energetic visionary.

She combines her passion for photography that inspires her images and captivates the imagination.

Claudine Burgess Photography can Define and Shine your business, your world.

Claudine also offers her experience of creating her own balanced work-life career, and this shines through her photography and business advice. When Claudine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, with the support of her family and friends she overcame the challenges. Her very personal journal has been an inspiration to many, and marked the beginning of new ventures and pathways for her life and career. She inspired herself to create better opportunities and became a Life and Business Coach, gaining her Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. That led her to develop a program to assist other people going though cancer.

The Personal Claudine

I love spending time with my two beautiful daughters, who share similar interests in art, story-telling, animals and creativity. Often I’ll find myself on a plane travelling to Europe to visit my family in Belgium while exploring new destinations. I love people and keep an open mind, which bodes well for new businesses needing new energy.

Community is a vital part of my life. I am a humanitarian at heart and continue in my professional life to support other women and children through being active within my community, nationally and internationally.

My passion for photography is all consuming. I’ll take time-for-self with relaxing outings to an open zoo, exploring my mind with a nature walk (accompanied by my beautiful Bernese Mountain dog, Phelan) or taking short road trips alone with my camera. Compelled by my passion, I have also been heartened with several awards for my images awarded by global platforms.

Claudine‘s Professional Achievements & Highlights

Created a policy in 2009 – “Cyber bullying and the Mobile phone world harassments against young teens and woman “ Project “ Informing and educating parents “ How to interact and find out in a diplomatic way how you child is communicating in the world today” – that was accepted at the Helsinki international conference for BPW (Business & Professional Women) in June 2011. The time when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Attending the CSW 54 (Commission Of Status for Women and Beijing Platform Review) at the UN in New York (February – March 2010) where I gained my certificate in Emotional / Empowerment Leadership at the Princeton club – New York.